Monitis's Android Appeal, Telecom Customers' 2011, REVE Systems Philanthropy, Telepresence Doctors

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Monitis's Android Appeal, Telecom Customers' 2011, REVE Systems Philanthropy, Telepresence Doctors

“This app is our latest tool in our mission to help busy sysadmins monitor just about any part of their IT infrastructure – anytime and from anywhere,” said Monitis Founder and CEO, Hovhannes Avoyan, according to THN News, referring to its new Android monitoring application.

“We’re dedicated to making IT pros’ jobs easier in every way, and our new Android monitoring application offers yet a greater level of convenience,” added Avoyan.

For many, Monitis officials say, the Android operating system is becoming the smartphone technology of choice. Citing Nielsen Company figures, in the six months leading up to August 2010, Android was the top platform in the U.S., reflecting 32 percent of new purchases, followed by the iPhone and the BlackBerry platform, both about 25 percent of new purchases.

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InCode, a division of Ericsson, has released its annual predictions for the telecommunications market in 2011. Here are some of the highlights:

“New Love Connection.” In 2011, the market conditions are right for a new major category of connected devices to emerge and quickly be adopted. E-readers have shown that special function devices can be profitable when the experience is customized to a task. Look for consumer electronics firms to win hearts with new purpose-built connected devices—most likely digital cameras or navigation devices—and operators to embrace them as an incremental revenue source.

“AD-apting to the Mobile Environment.” For years, mobile operators have attempted to combat the "dumb pipe" moniker with largely unsuccessful forays into content distribution, web portals and application marketplaces. In 2011, operators will begin to launch customized mobile marketing programs—such as distributing anonymous user profile data direct to advertisers—in an attempt to outwit Apple, Google and Microsoft while driving long-sought ad revenues.

“Nobody Gives a ‘G.;” Mobile operators have been incorporating 3G and 4G marketing messages throughout 2010 to demonstrate their use of the most advanced technology "Generation." In 2011, expect one major cellular operator to buck this marketing dynamic and create a new basis for competitive positioning. With the proliferation of powerful 1 GHz processors, the application marketplace and chic user-interfaces powering a more enjoyable customer interaction, we will begin to see operators downplay the importance of the network "G" and emphasize the "gee whiz" factors of user experience and quality. R

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"The world is our home and we believe that the responsibility begins at home." So state officials of REVE Systems, and we have to say we agree with them.

REVE Systems officials say, "We understand our responsibility towards community. In our effort to identify products to make the world better and “livable,” we initiate and support various campaigns to educate children, blood donation camps, and look for other ways to undertake the social issues like education, health and sanitation.

And the company walks the walk. REVE Systems recently organized a voluntary blood donation camp for its employees and citizens of city Dhaka in Bangladesh. This blood donation camp "was just another effort to make people realize their responsibility towards the community," REVE officials said by way of explanation.

As part of another corporate social responsibility initiative, REVE Systems has also started a Student Scholarship Program for meritorious students who have the potential to learn and study further,?”but are deprived of education because they lack funds. Based on their merits and requirements, REVE Systems funds such students to study."

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"Healthcare is most effective when the doctor and the patient are face-to-face."That's the position of officials of Vu TelePresence, and it's hard to see where they're wrong. As they say, "access to the right expert at the right time can make a huge difference in the quality of diagnosis and subsequent treatment."

That's why they're touting the advent of Vu TelePresence’s high definition videoconferencing unit, which allows the patient to be seen in high resolution, "allowing medical practitioners to make a diagnosis rapidly and effectively." Besides, the ease of use for medical care providers and the low cost, the applications of Vu TelePresence in medicine are seen as "vast" by company officials.

Vu TelePresence in Healthcare is being billed as useful in such situations as doctors and healthcare professionals viewing patients at remote locations, increasing timely care and productivity, and gaining anytime access to subject matter experts and specialists.

The technology can also help reduce expensive patient transfers, provide health care to rural areas, schools, prisons and offer real time clinical trials. It can also be of great benefit in the education and training of medical professionals.

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