Call Center Improvements, Call Recording, Customer Business Video, M2M Evolution

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Call Center Improvements, Call Recording, Customer Business Video, M2M Evolution

Founded in 2000, Transportation Solutions Group uses custom-developed asset tracking software, integrated within a call center to provide a full service transportation brokerage that specializes in moving expedited and time-sensitive freight. Obviously, in such a business, service and capacity are an issue.

The group has about 80 employees, with 50 agents in the call center and 30 in back office, development and management. And TSG required a VoIP call recording tool that worked with both the Cisco IPCC and Cisco Call Manager platforms to assist in general operations management and enhance operational metrics.

The company's call recording was driven by four primary areas. Not all companies have the same needs, of course, their four areas might not be your four areas. Their included risk mitigation, quality management of the customer experience, training of the call center agent and operational and performance analytics.

Oreka TR’s open source core meant that TSG could install the VoIP call recording software and test it to make sure Oreka TR could meet TSG’s needs within the Cisco call center environment: “It was simple to download and implement Oreka TR’s call recording application.During the pilot, OrecX was responsive to our requests for enhanced functionality and were able to develop these features before the pilot was completed," said Eric Rempel, Chief Information Officer.

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Founded in 1983, InterMedi@ Marketing is a direct marketing and information technology resource company specializing in what company officials say is end-to-end e-commerce, sales and customer relationship management. The company has approximately 2,000 employees, six call center locations with over a thousand agent positions.

They needed to create a VoIP call recording platform on top of a large scale SIP based telephony system with zero impact to IT systems and customer experience. Pretty tall order -- especially since prior approaches for VoIP call recording and monitoring created performance bottlenecks in the number of simultaneous calls that could be recorded and in the quality of voice service delivered by the SIP servers, according to company officials.

Intermedi@’s call center call recording need was driven by four primary areas -- adherence to customer contractual service level agreements, compliance to regulatory legislation, improving the quality of the customer experience and enhancing the training and performance of the call center agent. The call center environment features extensive use of open source applications, and the inbound/outbound calling/dialing is performed by several Asterisk PBXs and VICIDIAL dialer engines with MySQL, Apache Tomcat and GNU Linux for database and browser interface functionality.

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TMC's Patrick Barnard had the opportunity to interview MediaPlatform's President Greg Pulier at the recently concluded ITEXPO East in Miami. The company provides software for large companies and service providers to "do anything you can think of with digital video," from running live events to building libraries of those events. Their products are used for "a wide variety of purposes," he said, from executive communications to marketing events to training -- whatever you'd use video for.

Pulier agreed, saying "What we're seeing now is a perfect storm of all the different reasons why people use video. It used to be executives that were really driving the use, because they wanted to talk to all their employees and create a sense of culture, be able to unify messaging throughout. Those were the early days, and that was important. But now you have a new generation, people entering the workforce who grew up on YouTube. They expect the ability to be able to post video, to create video and share it."

Then technology is also getting to the point where "there's no excuse," Pulier said. "Everybody expects it. Every business purpose you can think of is starting to use video."

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At the recent ITEXPO East in Miami, TMC's Juliana Kenny had a chance to interview Wyless’ senior vice president for Global Sales, Dan McDuffie. He led a discussion at the M2M Evolution Conference, talking about how the supply chain is really becoming "more simple. Traditionally, it has been very complicated, but now, through best of breed companies in different segments of the M2M industry, from modules to applications, to MNVOs and MVNE's who buy data connectivity, and supply chain management companies, that really simplify the process of bringing products to market, exciting new products to market,” said McDuffie.

When asked what he hoped attendees would take away from his session, he said, "Basically, jump in. Now is a great time, it's expanding exponentially now, and whereas it used to take from 18 to 36 months to develop and deploy product, today, using best of breed companies, you can really compress that into a very short period of time and get your product to market."

He said Wyless has tried to participate in ITEXPO every year, and that it’s a “great event. I’m going to sit in on a few of the other sessions, listen to what people have to say, see a couple of friends, and have a chill time in Miami.”

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