Email Marketing Mistakes, SatuitCRM and Alpha, KeyBank Customer Satisfaction, CloudCRM

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Email Marketing Mistakes, SatuitCRM and Alpha, KeyBank Customer Satisfaction, CloudCRM

Email marketing is kind of like a souffle -- so effective and impressive when done correctly, but so easy to do wrong.

We don’t know how many ways there are to screw up a souffle, no doubt imaginative klutzes are coming up with more each day, but CustomerThink has done a good job listing five fairly common ways to lower the effectiveness of email marketing. Oh a fallen souffle is still edible, and you’ll get some response from your email marketing even if you’re committing some of these “facepalms,” as CustomerThink columnist Yo Noguchi calls them.

But you’re not using email marketing just to be passable, are you? No, we didn’t think so.

All right, then, if you’re committing any of the following sins stop immediately.

Emailing Without Permission. Goodness sakes, as long as we’ve been telling you not to do this and you’re still doing it? How often do you enjoy getting newsletters or other marketing materials you didn’t ask for? Believe it or not customers are human, too, just like you. Nobody likes it. Buying a list and hitting everybody on it is about the lowest, least-effective way of email campaigning, Noguchi recommends building a far more effective list via opt-in forms on websites, signup sheets and the like.

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TMC’s Jyothi Shanbhag wrote recently that Alpha Real Property Investment Advisors, a part of London based Alpha Real Capital, have deployed SatuitCRM as its single integrated business system for its new business development and marketing teams.

Russell Jarvis, Sales and Marketing Director for Alpha, said that they chose Satuit’sSaaS offering because it was designed by people from fund management backgrounds for fund management businesses.

Alpha officials pronounced themselves impressed with  its ease of use, and the fact that the CRM functionality met company’s needs with little or no customization needed.

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TMC’s Anuradha Shukla has reported that KeyBank is tied for fifth in overall customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 Small Business Bank Satisfaction Study.

Headquartered in Cleveland, KeyBank provides deposit, lending, cash management and investment services to individuals and small businesses in 14 states. The company notes that this ranking is based on feedback from about 7,000 customers of the nation's largest financial institutions.

The study surveyed 24 financial institutions, ranking them on a range of factors including account manager, account activities, account information, fees, problem resolution, products offerings and facilities.

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And TMC’s Susan J. Campbell noted recently that “a majority of businesses have overcome the fear of operating daily in the cloud,” citing plans for the upcoming 2012 Cloud Connect conference which is “centered on working in the cloud, while last year’s conference was all about defining the cloud and what exactly it means.”  

Businesses are now navigating their way through the challenges of building cloud-based applications and handling increased data, Campbell wrote, adding that “the ability to rely on a solid cloud CRM is crucial to success, and a number of speakers for the upcoming event plan to speak on the subject.”  

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