Streaming (& Archiving) 4GWE.

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Streaming (& Archiving) 4GWE.

The last three years have been pretty amazing.  Thanks to Apple's iPhone we finally got to see what its like to have "full" access to the Internet.  The iPhone shifted everyone's strategies, and where LTE looked like it would be slow to develop we now have initial implementations in scattered areas around the world.

However, this is no longer about the transport; it's about the application demand.  Having verified the insatiable appetite the carriers are now racing to find ways to expand the coverage and recover the cost.

The question is can Wireless have parity with the customer's Internet experience at home and at work. 

While many will tell you that the Web is dead, the reality is the Internet evolves.  From a research project, to a modem extended email system, to the web , to music, to movies and now to mobile.

This week, we are in LA looking at what it takes to give us mobile parity.  If you have ever been around me at an event, you know I love the content and community interaction.

Mobile Video is an increasing part of our future, so we have set up a streaming feed at www.4GWE.TV  with an archive available as well.

As a matter of fact, I have looked at this event more as TV show then a conference.  The delegates are the studio audience. We are charging $20.00 to watch and have access to all the slides.  More than you pay for an iTune, but an incredible deal when you consider you are getting over 20 hours of content.

If you have ever been with me at event in the past, I think you will find we have taken it up a notch here.

I hope you join us.



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