Who You Calling "Droid"

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Who You Calling "Droid"

This week the eyes of the wireless world turn to CES to see what will be in hands and hearts for the next 6 months.  Of course we will also keep and eye on Cupertino.  However,  The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that Verizon is going to have an LTE phone announcement in Las Vegas this week (see http://on.wsj.com/f6tk69 ) As technologists we will be curious to see if this is UTRAN / VoLTE or something else.

I suspect it will keep the volce separate.  Its hard to imagine that the migration to a totally evolved packet core is going to be done by VZW in the first year of deployment. 

We live with two year cycles and keeping it simple to deploy is a good move.

More important than the way the transport works though will be the signaling.  Verizon wants apps that integrate into the network and this would be a great opportunity to move beyond the Skype Mobile handoff.

At 4GWE http://www.4gwe.com we have the benefit of Anton Wahlman speaking who is one of the best trackers of this space.  He suggested last year that the discussion at CES would dominated by tablets. 

One company that looks like it needs to make a boost is RIM,  Their tablet has long been discussed, but others such as Vizio maybe stealing the thunder  http://on.wsj.com/gQfMjV

Additionally, the divide and Conquer model of Google is expanding with their tablet / ereader strategy called Newstand http://on.wsj.com/hmJf82 .  Here is an interesting question to think about, when you want to read an article do you go to a newsstand or a tunes place?

I think the familiar model has been captured by Google, now lets see the ease of use.

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Wow, it's very good news but i think it's still early for a mobile for 4G and support all services in LTE !!! .

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