If Apple Wins Against Samsung: RIM becomes a Steal

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If Apple Wins Against Samsung: RIM becomes a Steal

Here is an interesting  point to make. The battle with Apple is over the look and feel of android on Samsung. As I stated earlier Apple has a home-field advantage and it seems likely that the jury is going to rule in Apple's favor.

Well personally I do not like this potential outcome and have long had my issues with Apple it probably is going to double its market share in the near-term as the ruling will impact the sales of Apple's iPhone5.

So shorting Apple is not in the cards. However buying Apple strikes me as a sad return on investment.

But this is a battle over look and feel and if we are looking for companies that have a very different look and feel associated with their equipment I would say Microsoft and RIM are in the running.

As a matter of fact, I think they are better solutions in someways for the rest of prosumers that want to use the web for something other music and video (there has to be at least 3 of us).

So RIM will probably be needed by Google, come back to life.  Or my favorite recent Eureka (Greek for Brain Fart) - Amazon.

Why Amazon?

Not because Canada is close, but because Taking the AWS and connecting it to business requirements for mobile would be a great addition for them.   Candidly, I like a lot of assets in RIM,  Security, Messenger and their Web services strike me as a good deal.

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