Is Segmentation Technology Real When it Comes to Video

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Is Segmentation Technology Real When it Comes to Video

As the Saying goes a $ Billion here, a $ billion there sooner or later we are talking real money.

IDC's latest report does a great job talking about the money side of the equation in talking about the business distinctions are being made, imho, are more business oriented than technology driven.


Akamai, KIT Digital, Brightcove and Synacor are all described as being leaders in "their" field so the term becomes the describer of the leader.  Contend Delivery Networks, Content Management Systems, Online Video Platforms,  and Managed Video Platforms are the terms Sam Rosen uses to highlight their leadership.

But at the end of the day the leadership is based on how the revenue is gained and not on specific technology.  The reason I bring this up is the last technology discussion which is Synacor's strong suite with the cable operators.

My experience of home video has changed tremendously as a result of the cable operators providing their on-demand service to me in an any to any experience.

They have sured up the flank in a way that make the peer to peer video distribution less relevant.

My expectation is that business drives the use cases more than technology.  In talking with Bob Wallace, he pointed out that many of the CDNs are looking to differentiate themselves these days.

At Video World the discussion will map well to these distinctions, but the more important discussion will be the way the migration is impacting us universally.



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