The Gates - way to the Stars with Kymeta

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The Gates - way to the Stars with Kymeta

According to the NY Times Intellectual Ventures has a new spin off that Bill Gates has participated in called Kymeta.

The 12M seems to be headed toward getting production of its mTenna product lines which maybe coming at a time when the market needs for M2M will match will to the use of KA band Satellite solutions.

As we have reported ATT has announced that by 2017 it will stop supporting 2G deployments and the personal navigation device business is in need of an answer.  4G is probably going to have a lot of issues with battery and specific spectrum radios requirements.  So a nationwide solution that uses KA band may be very well received by the likes of TomTom and Magellan.

Additionally the system is designed to support an uplink for the individual users making the service Dish and DirectTV more capable of 2 way communication.

One of the product lines of a portable hotspot may hit the unserved and underserved markets.

Given Verizon's recent acquisition of Hughes, it will be interesting to see if they embrace the solution.  For right now however, the Navigation & Transportation markets look their target.

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