The Dead Zone: AT&T's iPhone 3G Coverage Woes

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The Dead Zone: AT&T's iPhone 3G Coverage Woes

NT_Streets_Cingular_US_f10068aps0019.phx1.aens.net2789835582.png Excited about buying Apple's new iPhone 3G, which goes on sale tomorrow?

Pumped about those blazing-fast 3G Internet speeds?

Hope you don't live in beautiful Bozeman, Montana; Burlington, Vermont; or Des Moines, Iowa...

Those are just a few places where your new iPhone will download Web pages just as slow as the old one did -- because AT&T hasn't set up its 3G network there yet.

And how about just getting decent phone service in Fairfield County, CT?

Take a look at how little blue there is (broadband coverage) in one of the most densely populated urban areas in the U.S. Need I say more?

Silicon Valley Insider has more (much more) on this woeful state, including the full AT&T coverage map, which paints a dreary picture ...

... But enjoy your new phone!

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