Launch of VoIP on iPod touch now official

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Launch of VoIP on iPod touch now official

We all know iPod Touch Mods is hard at work to hack the iPod touch to enable SIP-based VoIP, right? Well, it'll be a Happy New Year with the official release on January 1st, 2008.

iPoud touch SIP call

SIP-VoIP for the iPod touch is free, but they're accepting donations. Jailbreakers will enjoy the software, which I assume will be a relatively easy installation. Hopefully Apple doesn't "brick" the iPod touch's of the jailbreakers. Not only won't you be able to play music, but you won't be able to get your VoIP on either. And that my friends would suck twice as badly.

Jack on Phone The website even has a cool countdown to the launch that looks very similar to the TV show 24's countdown clock. Speaking of which, when will the Writers Guild strike end? 24 was canceled and I'm none too happy about it.

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