Digium's Mark Spencer replaced by ADTRAN's Danny Windham

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Digium's Mark Spencer replaced by ADTRAN's Danny Windham

AsteriskMark Spencer, the current CEO of Digium has been replaced by Danny J. Windham, President, Chief Operating Officer and director of ADTRAN for the CEO title. I've visited both companies in Huntville, Alabama and learned a lot about the history between Digium and ADTRAN. Mark Spencer actually used to work for ADTRAN (pre-Asterisk) and ADTRAN helped provide Mark & Digium with some "seed" money to get Asterisk/Digium off the ground. Hat tip to Alec Saunders for the tip.

The ironic thing is that I actually just emailed Digium's PR firm (which was forwarded to Mark Spencer and Bill Miller) yesterday to ask about their trademark policy which is up for renewal every January 30th. I wanted to know if any major or even minor changes were going to be made which would affect the Asterisk ecosystem. I didn't hear anything back and usually they're pretty good at getting back to me quickly. Maybe I should have suspected something was up?

As of 9:15am today, I haven't heard back. Perhaps this news about Danny becoming the new CEO has something to do with it. What exactly Mark's new role or title will be I'm not sure. Maybe he'll go back to what he loves best - coding Asterisk and working with the Asterisk community. I'll contact Digium and find out more. Stay tuned!

Update - Just read that Mark will remain a Chairman and CTO of the company.

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