As Predicted - the Cisco Umi Demise

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As Predicted - the Cisco Umi Demise

First Cisco killed the popular Flip Cam they acquired, now this - Cisco has killed their Skype-alternative UMI videoconferencing product. Rich Tehrani gave 10 reasons why he thought Cisco UMI would fail, plus an 11th reason later on (Kinect, Skype-enabled Bluray players). I didn't even bother to write about Cisco Umi because I knew it would be a failed venture. We were both right. It was sexy for sure, but overpriced and many other reasons why it would fail. According to CRN, "While we are ending the sale of Umi, the Umi service remains unchanged," said a Cisco spokesperson in an e-mail to CRN Tuesday. "Existing customers will continue to be able to use the service to make calls to other Umi subscribers or to Google video chat accounts."

RIP Cisco UMI, we hardly knew you.

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