"Green Dell": Dell Trying To Get Recycling Right

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"Green Dell": Dell Trying To Get Recycling Right

Dell has announced plans to provide free recycling of any Dell-branded product for consumers around the world as part of its new global recycling policy. (Does Dell have a windmill farm, too? But I love this graphic.)

"We have a responsibility to our customers to recycle the products we make and sell," said Michael Dell, chairman of Dell. "Our direct relationships with consumers allow us to offer this easy and free service and we encourage others in our industry to do so as well." 

Currently, Dell offers consumers no-charge recycling of any brand of used computer or printer with the purchase of a new Dell computer or printer. This service includes home pick-up of the used computer at no charge.

Under its new policy, Dell will provide consumers no-charge recycling of any Dell-branded product, regardless of whether a replacement product is purchased.

Plans call the service to become available in the U.S. by September and globally by November. It is currently available in Europe.

Dell's U.S. consumer recycling offer is available at http://www.dell.com/recycling.

For died in the wool greenies, Dell's new global recycling policy can be viewed at www.dell.com/environment.

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