How Old Is Your Computer?

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How Old Is Your Computer?

pc_art_200h_20081114011245.jpgIt used to be that every three years, workers would get brand new computers from their businesses' tech departments. But for many those days are over.

Many workers haven't been issued a new computer in years. 

The reason: Delaying computer upgrades is one of the easiest ways for a tech department to cut its budget. How about you working with a four-year-old ThinkPad with its maddeningly slow response times and out-of-date software ...

Now that the economy has taken a pronounced turn for the worse, more businesses are deciding to delay their regularly scheduled PC buying. In fact, 46% of businesses have either already or plan to postpone purchasing new computers, according to a survey of information-technology execs by CIO Magazine.

That's part of the reason that U.S. PC shipments will drop 1% in the fourth quarter compared to the year-ago quarter, according to research company IDC.

Now all of this bad corporate new has a shiny silver lining for us out here in consumer land --  PC makers are slashing prices, 20% to 30% in some cases, in an effort to boost demand.

Readers, how old is your work PC? Are outdated programs and hardware slowing you down?

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal (again).

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