NewerTech miniStack v2 Goes Large

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NewerTech miniStack v2 Goes Large

It's funny how your never have enough storage on your computer.  (It's like always wanting one more room in a house -- or at least one more closet.)

Now storage has become increasingly important for holding all of our new digital media files (music, photos, videos) as well as all of the other stuff on our computers.

It's also become increasingly important to back up all of our precious digital data -- and we all back up regularly, don't we?

(We don't?)

The easiest way to add storage is to add an external drive (much easier than opening up the "box" to poke around inside with slots, cables, static electricity, etc.). WIth that in mind, the NewerTech miniStack v2 features up to 500 gigabytes (GB) of high-speed bootable storage; integrated, powered FireWire and USB 2.0 hubs; intelligent thermal monitoring; and auto power convenience with manual engagement option.

The award-winning box works with any Mac, PC, or Linux computer with an available FireWire or USB port. (Probably best with the Mac Mini -- exact footprint, design engineering and color.)

Features include:

  • USB port and FireWire port located on the left side for more convenient connections
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed 3-Port Hub
  • FireWire 1394A 3-Port Repeater/Hub
  • Switch for Firewire or USB hard disk mode
  • Smart interactive cooling system with thermal probe automatically regulating fan speed
  • Massive passive heat sink to radiate heat away from hard drive
  • Smart power switch (powers up and down in tandem with Mac Mini
  • Special micro security slot designed to allow it to be anchored to a desk

Pre-configured solutions also include EMC Retrospect Backup and Intech HD Speedtools.

New pricing for the NewerTech miniStack V2 250 GB unit is $189. The miniStack V2 also is available without a hard drive in a 0GB "Add Your Own Hard Drive" enclosure kit for $79.95.


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