Sony Laptops Heading Back to Sony -- Oy VAIO!

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Sony Laptops Heading Back to Sony -- Oy VAIO!

Vaio VGNTZ370NB.jpgSony has issued a recall for thousands of its VAIO laptops because of possible overheating or short-circuits.

(Didn't we blog about another similar Sony problem not all that long ago?) 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said that the recall is voluntary, and it recommended that Vaio owners stop using the products unless otherwise instructed.

The recall affects 73,000 VAIO TZ-series computers in the U.S. and apparently 440,000 units worldwide.

The safety commission said the reason for the recall is because "irregularly positioned wires near the computer's hinge and/or a dislodged screw inside the hinge can cause a short-circuit and overheating."

It added that this hazard could result in burns to consumers. In fact, the commission reported that Sony has received 15 reports of overheating, including one person who received a minor burn.

The affected models are the VAIO VGN-TZ100 series, VGN-TZ200 series, VGN-TZ300 series, and VGN-TZ2000 series. Sony will arrange for any needed inspection or repair.

Sony posted a statement on its eSupport site that said "the issues involve a small number of units which may overheat due to a wiring problem." 

Here's the official notification from the CPSC.

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