Storage? You Want Storage? How 'Bout 1.5TB?

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Storage? You Want Storage? How 'Bout 1.5TB?

seagate.jpg Seagate today broke through a long-held barrier and released a 1.5 terabyte version of the Barracuda 7200.11.

The storage is 500GB more than any other 3.5-inch desktop hard drive and is accomplished through extra refinement of perpendicular magnetic recording that allows it to fit 375GB on each of its four platters.

(Bet you didn't know it got that technical, but how on earth are you going to fit all of that data if you don't get very, very technical!)

The density also helps improve speed and lets the disk transfer data at a sustainable 120MB per second or higher in bursts -- thanks to the extra bandwidth of its Serial ATA II connection.

More at Electronista or at Seagate.

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