HD DVDs & Vista: Problems Coming?

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HD DVDs & Vista: Problems Coming?

It's always amazing to me to hear about new products that are expected to do certain wonderful things and then simply fail to deliver.

Now I don't what to knock Microsoft's new Vista operating system (which isn't even here yet), but just checked a report that notes that certain next generation DVDs (you know, those HD ones) might not play on Vista!

(So much for the Microsoft Media Center experience -- the heart of the home! )

The cause of the problem -- the Hollywood studios and anti-piracy devices on the software -- but, of course!

Now if the studios could just figure out a way to get their products into our hands simply and easily -- and at a price point that wouldn't make it worth our while to sit there at home making illegal copies for all of our friends. In fact, why bother, plenty of counterfeit DVDs can be found in any number of places -- do I really need to tell you where to look?

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