A New Choice in (Photo) Printers: Kodak

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A New Choice in (Photo) Printers: Kodak

Why shouldn't the company that started the photo business a century ago enter the printer business, particularly with an eye on getting more of us to print our digital photos?

Kodak got rocked rocked rocked when it misjudged the size and urgency of the tidal wave known as digital photography and has been looking for a solid place on which to build its business since then.

So why not printers? Plenty of margin (aka profits) in ink, but Kodak is going to upset the apple cart there by givng us more ink in each cartridge while selling them to us at cheaper prices.

(What a business model?)

Not much margin in the printers themselves, and Kodak's two new printers look to be very nice priced.

Is this a win for Kodak and a win for us consumers? 

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