Gadget or Girlfriend: Let Me Think About It ...

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Gadget or Girlfriend: Let Me Think About It ...

How about this piece of wacky news out of the UK that one in every eight guys would ditch their girlfriend for a hot new gadget?

Yes, indeed-ee, that's what we have here from a recently conducted survey.

The hot gadgets in question -- HDTV, iPod or some other desirable gadget.

On the other side of the coin, one out of every 16 of the ladies would ditch their boyfriends for some of that gadget glory, too. (Thanks to for the image.)

(Wonder how the iPhone introduction would affect these numbers -- new survey needed, please.)

Makes me wonder how many out there would ditch their significant other for a gadget?

And if you did so, what gadget would it be?

The phone lines are open ....

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