GMail + Google Talk (GTalk) for BlackBerry RIM

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GMail + Google Talk (GTalk) for BlackBerry RIM

A friend of mine who runs Computer Collector Newsletter forwarded me a link to a software application that runs on the Blackberry RIM to access GMail. I looked around the rest of the site and came across an even better application that lets you access both Gmail and 'Google Talk' from your Blackberry. B)

Their brand new software application, called "GMail + GTalk" is a full-featured email and chat application for BlackBerry devices, designed for the popular Google Mail and Google Talk services.

With GMail+ GTalk you can easily review the correspondence in your Google mail box, compose new mail messages and operate with address books currently having an amusing communication with your buddies via Google Talk service. GMai l+ GTalk works on all phones, which are Blackberry RIM allowing you to use the same Google mail accounts which you operate on your desktop PC. Only one caveat though - as far as I can tell it only works with Google Talk's instant messaging capabilities and not Google Talk's VoIP feature. :( Nevertheless, some will find this application useful. Not sure if the Blackberry really has the processing horsepower to do VoIP anyway. GMail+GTalk retails for $29.95.

The main features include:

  • Google Talk instant messaging;
  • Gmail options: mail creation, view and operations;
  • The application keeps the contact list information on the respective servers.
  • Simultaneous connection to Gmail and Google Talk;
  • Full presence status support;
  • Switching between several accounts of Google Talk;
  • Switching between open dialogs;
  • Alerts configuration;
  • Volume, sound and vibration configuration;
  • Various Contact List views;
  • Auto connect to Google Talk;
  • Contact list management functions, including facilities to add a new contact and to delete a contact;
  • Sound alert and LED blinking for incoming messages and new letters;
  • Notifications in dialog at user's change status;
  • Full emoticons support;
  • Message History;
  • Search and filter history by date and by sender;
  • Predefined Messages;
  • E-mail addresses and URLs are automatically hyperlinked in dialog. So, you can easily email or switch to these links;
  • Auto text support;
  • Facility to email messages to online and offline Google Talk users;
  • Convenient division of Settings by different subjects;
  • Mail auto update in GMail.
  • 5 days of full functional trial.

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