TomTom Go 910 GPS units infected with viruses

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TomTom Go 910 GPS units infected with viruses

tomtom go 910News reports from TomTom's own website reveal that some TomTom GO 910 GPS units were infected with a virus. The models affected were produced in one week in the last quarter of 2006 with software version 6.51. They claim the virus is qualified as low risk and does not affect the navigation performance of the TomTom GO 910 in any way. However, reports have surfaced of drivers being re-routed from Lowes to Home Depot, Burger King to McDonalds, and from Target to Walmart. You think I'm kidding? Ok, maybe I am.  

But don't think for a second the virus writers and spammers looking to make a buck won't find a way to make revenue from infecting GPS devices, Apple iPods, mobile phones, etc. Their ilk know no bounds...

If you're interested in the TomTom GO 910 GPS (which is still a great GPS unit), you can pick one up on Amazon pretty cheaply.

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