Christmas Blu-ray player + Netflix = A Very Blue Christmas

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Christmas Blu-ray player + Netflix = A Very Blue Christmas

netflix-logo.jpg I have a Blu-ray player on my Christmas list that I hope to get. Santa Claus hasn't failed me yet. I also have a subscription to Netflix and planned on upgrading it to the Blu-ray package for an additional $1/month should I stay off Santa's "naughty list" this year.

This would give me access to Netflix's massive Blu-ray library. Apparently, I shouldn't get too excited though. According to this CNET article, Blu-ray movies discs aren't being delivered as quickly as regular DVDs.

According to the article, the reason why it is taking so long for Netflix to ship Blu-ray discs is because Netflix doesn't have enough Blu-ray discs to go around, especially hot new releases.

See, I told you it was going to be a "black" (profitable) Blu-ray Christmas.
Apparently, they're even prioritizing who gets new releases based on past history. So if you are constantly jumping on new releases and view 15+ new movies per month, you can expect you'll be on the low priority list. Doesn't pay to be a movie fanatic I guess. Blu-ray owners are likely the biggest movie fanatics since they are on the leading edge of HD movie watching - investing hundreds of dollars on a Blu-ray HD player that not everyone yet owns. Netflix would be wise not to upset this rabid demographic or face defection to competitors.

While I'm predicting the number of Blu-ray players sold this Christmas will surprise the experts, if Netflix doesn't ramp up their supply of Blu-ray discs, it's certainly going to be a very blue Blue-ray Christmas holiday for me. (assuming of course I get a Blu-ray player)

p.s. Santa - just a reminder, I want the Panasonic DMP-BD35K 1080p Blu-ray Player

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