CinemaNow Brings Movie Downloads to Windows Media Center

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CinemaNow Brings Movie Downloads to Windows Media Center

CinemaNow on 'Microsoft Media Center Edition
was one of the first to offer downloadable video content on-demand, but has been lost in the shuffle of competitors like Apple, Amazon, and Netflix for their digital movie, music, & TV downloads. And of course you have the big buzz surrounding Netflix's new Roku set-top box.

Well, today CinemaNow is announcing that its library of over 3,400 feature-length movies is now available through Windows Media Center. All you need is Windows Media Center, which comes included with Windows Vista and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. These movies are available right now through a new Online Media channel in Windows Media Center that provides access to CinemaNow. Their library includes feature-length movies and even HD-quality movies.

PopcornThe big benefit of Windows Media Center is that it gives you an easy way to browse CinemaNow’s library with the "10 foot" experience using your Windows Media Center remote control. No need to use a mouse and keyboard in your living room to download & navigate a movie.  I'll be downloading National Treasure 2 - Book of Secrets and some other new release movies this Memorial Day weekend on my Windows Media Center Edition 2005 PC. Break out the popcorn, baby!

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