Netflix Streaming via Vista Media Center MyNetflix plugin

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Netflix Streaming via Vista Media Center MyNetflix plugin

MyNetflix MCEYesterday, I discussed some cool (free) video utilities for converting & downloading video on your Microsoft Media Center PC to your Microsoft Zune. Today, I just learned about another cool video application called MyNetflix for Vista Media Center. The plug-in's "Watch Now" streaming ability is perhaps the coolest feature. Simply using your Media Center remote control you can have the 10' experience of streaming Netflix movies on-demand from your sofa. I always have trouble returning my DVDs, so having the instant gratification of watching a Netflix movie on my 65" TV using my MCE remote control would be great. Other features include:
  • View Netflix queue
  • Browse movies
  • View your history/recommendations
  • Add/remove/move movies to your queue
  • Browse “Watch now” movies
  • Play “Watch now” movies

MyNetflix plugin

It says it's for Vista Media Center, but I wonder if it works with Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005, which I have on my home PC. Otherwise I might have to bit the bullet and upgrade my home PC to Vista to get this cool app. I've been dreading the upgrade since I'm not sure if al my drivers will work, especially the TV tuner card driver. In any case, you can download the free beta download here.

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