Microsoft Kinect Adds Video Chat

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Microsoft Kinect Adds Video Chat

Project Natal for the XBOX 360 has just been renamed to Microsoft Kinect. Personally, I prefer the old name. In any event, Microsoft also announced a VoIP & video conferencing app simply called Video Chat. Great, get rid of a cool project name and then offer the lamest name for a video chat application ever! Offering a video app is a natural extension for this video camera device.

With this news of bringing videoconferencing to your TV, it would appear Microsoft isn't going to take Skype trying to take over the living room TV lying down. The demo showed up to four people at once as well as the ability to share photos.

Christmas is almost upon us. Go grab yourself a Microsoft Kinect on Amazon. If you don't already own an XBox 360, you can buy a bundle on Amazon that includes the Xbox 360, Kinect, and a video game.

Via Engadget

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