Microsoft tells me "Yoohoo. I'll make you famous"

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Microsoft tells me "Yoohoo. I'll make you famous"

Microsoft's PR rep recently emailed me with the following:

Subject: Tom , Didn't Realize You Had 'Gone Hollywood'

I just heard a commercial for a new blockbuster movie coming out this spring called "Breaking VoIP Barriers" — Produced by Microsoft Unified Communications — and it's starring someone named Tom !!

Have you 'gone Hollywood' in your spare time... without telling any of us?!?!

To hear the movie trailer (it's really funny), click:

Yes, it's true - Microsoft and I have been secretly working on a movie production and I have the starring role. Microsoft approached me to star in "Breaking VoIP barriers" since I've written about Microsoft Communications Server 2007 several times in the past.  At first, I declined, but then Microsoft used one of my favorite movie lines of all time - from Young Guns -  "C'mon Tom. Yoohoo. I'll make you famous!" Me? Famous? Cool! So anyway, I accepted the movie role.
Young Guns

I am posting here an exclusive sneak preview of the movie. When you click the link you will hear a quite recognizable voice speaking - Don LaFontaine, also known as That Announcer Guy. According to Wiki, Don is famous for recording over 5,000 movie trailers, television commercials, network promotions, and video game trailers. His signature voice is ominous and has often been nicknamed "The King of Movie Trailers", "Mr. Voice," "Thunder Throat" or "The Voice of God".

Here's a transcript of the movie trailer in That Announcer Guy's voice:

melodramtic music in background.
 "In a land far far away called Connecticut there is only one engineer you need to know - Tom. By day he solves problems, by night he sings karaoke. But right now an email he never expected will reveal a unified communication power he never imagined. This Spring on his quest for voice over IP prominence - in his battle to streamline communications - one man with the click of a mouse and a simple download will unleash the ultimate tool - Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. From award winning director, Bill Gates, comes the year's nominated performance that's breaking voip barriers - Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Tom, to experience the blockbuster Download of the Year and be the superhero of your organization, boldly go to and let the VoIP adventure begin. This motion picture is rated I for all Intelligent lifeforms."
melodramtic music ends

HA! Good stuff. As funny as the text reads, you have to check out the site to get the full effect of the "The King of Movie Trailers" speaking. Good stuff!

Update: Looks like the link to my movie trailer (just audio) no longer works, so i will share it here. Click to download.

Finally, here's the movie poster promoting my film with Microsoft: (p.s. you too can star in this movie - since it's in pre-production. You can even have the famous movie preview guy speak your name, title, and more)
VoIP Without Barriers poster

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