Microsoft Wows Analysts with Monster Quarter

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Microsoft Wows Analysts with Monster Quarter

Microsoft just announed a monster quarter, pulling in $13.76 billion in revenue - a 27 percent jump over the same quarter last year. This is a a net income of $4.29 billion, making it "the fastest revenue growth of any first quarter since 1999". On the earnings call they revealed that Microsoft has achieved more than 20 percent growth in Vista sales for three quarters in a row. I guess people aren't necessarily sticking with Windows XP or downgrading from Vista to XP.

Also, they sold 1.8 million XBox 360s this quarter, which is a 90 percent increase over the same quarter last year, much of which is attributed to the August price cut and Halo 3 purchases. Their XBox division generated $1.9 billion in sales, including $330 million from Halo 3. With all the positive news surrounding Apple and their surprising resurgence over the past few years, for once Microsoft is surprising the analysts. Microsoft is projecting revenue of $58.8 billion to $59.7 billion making the $240 million they invested in Facebook look like chump change.

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