iPhone: Not All Phone for All People

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iPhone: Not All Phone for All People

Make no mistake, that Apple iPhone is one great looking product -- would you expect anything less from Apple?

But what's really interested is taking a look past the shiny, attractive exterior and seeing what's inside -- the technology, what it does, what it can do for you. This is sort of the same as getting past how great a car looks to see if it's really the car for you. After all, a car is just four wheels to get you places, and isn't a phone really something to make calls (OK, "communicate") with?

Guess music could play a part in that experience, too?

Good to check out all of the blogging, blogging, blogging on this issue and really liked this report called "The iPhone Is Not a Smart Phone." Apparently, it's not a lot of other things, too.

Remains to be seen after all of the hoopla how many of us are going to trade it our iPods and our cell phones for one singular (that could be Cingular -- only provider to have it for now, or at least the near future) gadget.

Doing the math with the two gadgets morphing into one means I have to dig deeper into my pocket to come up with the scratch for the iPhone -- but when has a little cash been an issue when there's a new, cool gadget to be had?

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