Nokia's Been Busy in the Lab

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Nokia's Been Busy in the Lab

A Bluetooth killer or an enhancer? Seems Nokia's announcement today about its Wibree technology may be either one.

A unique radio technology extending local connectivity to small devices, Wibree is an open industry initiative developed by Nokia Research Center.

It complements other local connectivity technologies, consuming only a fraction of the power compared to other radio technologies, therfore enabling smaller and less costly solutions.

Wibree is the first open technology offering connectivity between mobile devices or Personal Computers and small, button cell battery power devices, such as watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors.

With a goal of having the new technology available as soon as possible, Nokia is defining the Wibree interoperability specification together with a group of companies representing semiconductor manufacturers, device vendors and qualification service providers. These include Broadcom Corporation, CSR, Epson and Nordic Semiconductor as well as Suunto and Taiyo Yuden.

Sounds pretty cool ...

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