An iPod Ban: You've Got To Be Kidding!!!

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An iPod Ban: You've Got To Be Kidding!!!

Now I think I've heard everything!

Can you believe this report about a move to ban iPod use when crossing the street in crosswalks in "big cities" only across New York State?

The penalty: A $100 fine, if you please.

Now how about those savvy potential lawbreakers who decide to forego the crosswalks and jay walk instead. Is that safer? Is that smarter?

I like this idea even less the more I blog on about it. (Thanks for the photo.)

First it was radios on the beach (yes, loud, bad music is annoying), cell-phone-in-hand use in cars (yes, can be distracting) and now this (and the rationale is?????)

Don't the legislators have anything better to do than pick up gadget-loving citizens?

Is this law really going to accomplish anything?

Sure police officers will be particularly vigilant about enforcing this one ...

Three thunbs down would be a "strike out" in my book ...

What do you think about this?

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