666 6666 Phone Number Auctioned

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666 6666 Phone Number Auctioned

The world's most expensive phone number 666 6666 was auctioned for charity yesterday in Qatar.  The phone number 666 6666, sold for 10m Qatari riyals or £1.5m. Who would pay this kind of money for a phone number? Of course, 666 is known as the number of the beast. Rumor has it that the number is to be transferred to Iranian President "Israel must be wiped off the map" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so the U.N. knows how to quickly reach him after he nukes Israel.

U.N.: "You said you were enriching uranium for peaceful energy purposes"
Mahmoud: "And you believed me? hahahaha. Stupid U.N. You're so gullible. But don't worry, I won't blow anything else up."
U.N. "Really?"
Mahmoud: "Fooled ya again! Let me see here... The American-loving Saudia Arabian royal family or New York City? Eenie, meanie, miny, moe!"

The number 666 has some interesting history. Former U.S. president Ronald Wilson Reagan had six letters in his first, middle, and last name. He also live in house number 666 when he lived in California until Nancy Reagan changed to 668.

The anti-impotence drug Viagra has a molecular weight of 666.7g/mol. In 1999, Intel marketed their Pentium 666 Mhz chip as 667 Mhz, conveniently rounding up. Some other wacky theories about the number 666 include Microsoft's Bill Gates whose real name is William Henry Gates III, but he goes by Bill Gates III. By converting the letters of his name to the ASCII-values (which are used in computers) you will get the following:

B    I    L    L    G    A    T    E    S    3

66 + 73 + 76 + 76 + 71 + 65 + 84 + 69 + 83 + 3 = 666

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin also convert into 666. (65=A, Z=90)

One interpretation makes 666 equal the summation of the Greek Numbering of the Arabic word "ELLAH" (synonym of Allah) which means "GOD" in the English language. Does this make the Arabic god "Allah" the anti-Christ predicted in the Bible? Who knows? 666 could simply be a number that humans attach symbolism to and look for patterns - just like the number 13. But I'm going to play it safe and make sure to never anyone to put the number 666 on my right hand or forehead.

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