Splogs Go Away Quietly into that Good Night

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Splogs Go Away Quietly into that Good Night

In my post last night titled "Splog Away! Splog away! Splog Away all!" - a pun of "Dash Away! Dash Away! Dash Away all!" - I commented on a recent splogging of several bloggers' content. I've been splogged a few times in the past and I even recently discovered a website republishing full content and images from my blog, Andy Abramson, Om Malik, Skype Journal, Jeff Pulver, and several others on VoIPPlanet.us. That site (http://voip.xb90.com) has already been taken offline. For me, this all began when I came across Andy's email as well as his comments on the XB90 site's splogging here.

Well, as of 9:30am this morning at least, I noticed that VoIPPlanet.us (http://voipplanet.us) also took their splogged content offline with a message statiing:


I took this planet site down while some "issues" are resolved with the
authors. That's to say, they think I 'may' have been splogging them.

Thanks to those who emailed me first to verify this wasn't the intention.


Boy! That didn't take long for them to remove the content, In fact, their splogged content doesn't even show up in the Google Cache, which is very unusual. I wonder if they requested that Google remove it? But even Google doesn't move that quickly. Although, there were several Google employees in the email thread with several blogging heavy-weights that were involved with the XB90 splogging, so perhaps as a result of my post talking about the VoIPPlanet splogging the Google employees learned about VoIPplanet's splogging and quickly removed it

The author of VoIPPlanet.us site apparently didn't intend to "splog". Well, I won't pass judgement, especially since they so quickly removed the content after my post (<12 hrs). Still, it is worth seeing what a splog looks like, so I thought I'd publish a link to the "cached" copy of VoIPPlanet that I had open in my browser from last night. Besides, I bet a lot of the bloggers who were splogged here didn't realize it and might be curious, so look upon the face of a splog site.

(Note: I will only keep the cached "splog" online for a week before I delete it)

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