Webinar on Business Benchmarks and Processes

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Webinar on Business Benchmarks and Processes

TMC has been at the forefront of customer relationship management (CRM) for over 30 years. TMC started Telemarketing Magazine (now Customer Interaction Solutions), the very first magazine focused on call centers and CRM. In 1996, TMC launched CTI Magazine which focused on the convergence of computers and the telephone. CTI Magazine was the precursor to the ultimate convergence of voice and data, which resulted in TMC launching Internet Telephony Magazine in late 1997. Internet Telephony Magazine was the first magazine focused exclusively on VoIP and the convergence of voice, data, as well as CRM and business processes. TMC has always strived to educate the market on improving business efficiencies and customer satisfaction though the use of technology - whether it was the ACD of the 1980's to CTI in the 1990's to VoIP in the 21st century - TMC has been the leading source of information on customer-facing technologies.

There are obvious synergies and business processes that can be optimized when you can integrate your phone system with your contact management database and other business data and ride over the same IP network. With TMC's 30-year focus on customer-facing technologies, it stands to reason why TMC has always been at the forefront of technologies that enable companies to better market themselves, achieve business efficiencies, and improveNadji Tehrani customer satisfaction. It also explains why TMC stands for Technology Marketing Corporation. Indeed, Nadji Tehrani (photo to right), the founder of TMC, and well-known pioneer within the call center industry chose the name well when he started the company in 1972.

Now, TMC has become one of the leading educational websites utilizing webinars to educate the industry on various technologies to achieve optimal business efficiencies. One interesting webinar coming up is on business benchmarks: How Reseller CEOs Should Collect, Monitor and Interpret Performance Data to Make Better Decisions

Here's an abbreviated snippet of the webinar description:

Are you comfortable with the knowledge you have about your reseller business? You’d be the rare leader if you had an accurate and complete handle on all sales, finance, cash flow, profitability, service and resource utilization issues. But to succeed as an IP solutions provider, these are precisely the measurements you need—in easy-to-read and interpret spreadsheets that track your business performance on your PC monitor.

If you effectively track your business data, you’ll uncover root causes of inefficiencies which may include process, people, management, systems, or a combination.

Attend this session to understand the interrelationships and impact of such data as attach rates and profitability, line of credit, cash flow, debt to equity and other finance metrics; the month-to-month cash flow changes for cash in checking, A/R balance, and credit line availability; total sales revenue, service % of sales revenue and other sales metrics; net income, return on sales %, gross margin % and other profitability metrics.

If you interested in the webinar, it's free to register and attend.

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