Packet8 e911 Coverage Map

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Packet8 e911 Coverage Map

Someone posted a comment to a recent blog post of mine regarding what I considered the FCC's "impossible e911 mandate" and said, "Quit your whining about poor old Vonage. If Packet8 can meet the FCC mandate, then every other VoIP company should be required to do so - or accept their punishment."

He got suckered into believing the "spin" that Packet8 has put out in their press releases, making it "seem" like Packet8 is completely e911-compliant. But as I replied in the comments to that blog post, the truth is another story. Packet8 used some carefully crafted words in their press release to make it seem like they were 100% e-911 compliant. If you want further details on this, go check out Andy Abramson's Packet8 blog post where he too was caught off guard, thinking that Packet8 had fully met e911 requirements due to the impression left by the Packet8 press release on e911.

And if you need some final proof of Packet8's "limited" e911 coverage area, here's a map I took directly from Packet8's (8X8) FCC filing. The dark blue is the e911 coverage area. I see a lot of white (no e911) my friend.

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