Palm Foleo launches

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Palm Foleo launches

The Palm Foleo is a mobile companion for Treos, turns on and off instantly, and runs on Linux. The Foleo has a large screen and full size keyboard to view and edit email and office documents. What's cool about this "mobile companion" device, which Palm claims is the first of its kind, is that edits made on Foleo automatically are reflected on its paired smartphone and vice-versa (via Bluetooth).

Palm Foleo

It has a battery life of up to 5 hours and accesses the Internet through a built in WiFi radio or through the smartphone’s radio. Palm also says the device is designed for use with Treo’s that have the Palm OS or Windows Mobile, but most Windows Mobile based smartphones should also work. In fact, Palm is keeping the Foleo open to developers - Palm hopes to repeat the success of the Palm PDA and Treo smartphones - both of which developed huge followings in their respective developer community.

The Foleo weights around 2 lbs and features a 10" screen. U.S. availability for Foleo begins this summer with pricing expected to be $499 after an introductory $100 rebate. Will you buy one to add to your gadget repertoire or will you save your money and buy an Apple iPhone? I wonder since it's running on Linux if the Foleo will run the Linux Skype client or some other VoIP client?

Hat tip to Evan at ComputerWorld.

Treocentral has more.

Finally, check out the video from the Palm Founder below.

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