Egging me on with a Bugatti Veyron? that's not funny

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Egging me on with a Bugatti Veyron? that's not funny

Rich is egging me on by pointing out that my Viper is slower than the Bugatti Veyron - a car of which I am quite familiar, then rubs it in by stating my baby expenses with prevent any Viper "upgrades".

Rich writes:
The bad news is that if you drive the (Bugatti Veyron) car daily you’ll likely spend as much money on gas each year as you did for the car. This probably isn’t so important though as the only people that can afford one are oil Sheiks and oil company executives.

Somehow I think Tom is going to come by my desk soon and ask for a raise as his Viper seems to be getting (relatively) slower every year. What he doesn’t realize yet is that his sports car fund is about to be drained as he’ll be making weekly diaper and formula runs soon.

That's it Rich, I'm skipping lunch for the next 6 months, I'm selling the 3000GT, and then I'm buying either a Roe Racing Supercharger or a Hennessey Twin Turbo which has the following specs:

  • 0-60: 2.25 sec.
  • >1000HP
  • 1/4 mile: 9.75 sec. @ 148+ mph

  • A former TMCer told me once "You will never get a Viper, you keep saying you're going to get one but you're just all talk," and as you know I showed him, and now I'll show you!

    Actually, I think I'd have to skip lunch for the next 12 years and sell my 3000GT to pay for the $50,000+ twin-turbo package, plus I'd have to send my Viper down to Hennessey and be Viper-less for several months. Damn you Rich! Damn you to hell! :( Didn't you say something about giving me a raise? B)

    Well if anyone wants to donate to the Tom Keating Twin Turbo Fund, here's a $20 Paypal button to do so! ;)

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