Skype Launches App Store - Yawn...

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Skype Launches App Store - Yawn...

So today I read that Skype is launching a third-party app directory on their website. sad-shrug-shoulders Unless, I'm missing something, you can already install add-ons into Skype. Interestingly, within Skype, clicking Tools, Extras is now greyed out/disabled and I cannot install any new add-ons. Does this mean I have to go to the Skype app directory now to install apps/add-ons?

I suppose the ability to comment on apps via the online directory is nice. You can see which apps have the most buzz and read comments on any possible issues. Still, other than recording, and maybe desktop sharing, I just don't see a need for Skype apps. Seems everyone is jumping on the app store and social media (comments in this case) bandwagon, but excuse me while I yawn over this news.

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