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IP Thinking Skype PDA phone

I recently learned about a VoIP-capable PDA-like phone from IP Thinking that runs Skype on a Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition "Pocket PC-like" device. Think of this as a phone handset slapped onto a PocketPC. Called the IP-Thinking VoIP phone, it features a PDA-based architecture, which allows it to work seamlessly with all Windows Mobile Edition programs, such as Skype and other VoIP applications. I am told that in addition to Skype it will support other VoIP softphone applications, such as SJLabs. According to IP Thinking's Henrik Warrer, "Right now we are designing it with combined software client (supporting) VoIP and PSTN." If a future release of this device can act as a Skype-to-PSTN bridging/conferencing that could be a really cool feature. Simply taking both inbound PSTN calls and inbound SkypeIn calls on one phone is a nice capability. No word on whether the device supports audio recording, but there are third-party apps that do. I also wonder if it can act as an answering machine so you can have both your PSTN and SkypeIn messages on one device.

The IP Thinking VoIP phone features an Intel PXA272 processor at 520 MHz, Bluetooth for wireless connectivity for the handset and other peripherals, a 3.5" high-brightness transflective TFT LCD Touchscreen (65,536 colors) with 240 x 320 (QVGA) resolution. Memory includes 64 MB for user applications, storage and system operation and the Flash ROM supports 64 MB of flash memory for operating system, embedded applications and storage.

- standalone Skype (PC-Less) not chained to PC
- wireless handset/wireless VoIP
- Runs other Windows Mobile 2003 apps
- View/listen to videos, MP3s
- It's fairly thin and can stick on shelf (as shown below)

- Price? Not sure how much this device is and if people are willing to pay a premium for a device that runs Windows Mobile 2003 but isn't mobile at all - it's designed to be stationary. I inquried about pricing but still waiting on an email reply.
- Not the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system

Here are some other photos:

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