Skip2PBX, SIP-to-Skype Gateway, is here!

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Skip2PBX, SIP-to-Skype Gateway, is here!

Skip2PBXToday, Skip2PBX, an Italian-based company announced it is ready to launch its SIP-to-Skype gateway running on a PC running Linux. Mind you, this isn't the first claim of a SIP-to-Skype breakthrough, however, they claim to be the only Skype to PBX Gateway to directly support a variety of telephony hardware including Digium, Eicon, or a USB box. Unlike Actiontec's VoSKY Exchange Skype gateway products which maxes out at 8 ports where as the Skip2PBX claims up to 30 concurrent Skype PBX lines on a single serving PC. Impressive!

It features the ability to automatically finds a free line/port for the incoming or outgoing Skype call. Incoming Skype calls can ring to all lines simultaneously, even when calling the same Skype account number. Pretty sweet! With their Digium support in theory you can easily add Asterisk support for Asterisk-to-Skype calling.

“SIP functionality with Skip2PBX is here, and it’s here way ahead of schedule.” According to their press release, original estimates were promising the SIP versions of Skip2PBX by the “end of September”, while technical wizards at S2P’s Perugia headquarters confirmed early yesterday that the new update would be available in Beta by September 1st, followed with an official release before the end of September.

“We can’t deny that today Skype, acquired and owned by E-Bay, is currently the largest and most popular Internet Telephony service provider in the world today, and we have known from the beginning of our relationship with Skip2PBX that a direct SIP to Skype gateway was going to be a highly anticipated and very desireable feature for many of our clients worldwide.”  This and many other comments coming from the growing global circuit of Skip2PBX resellers and distributors.

According to Skip2PBX, "Skip2PBX Version 2.1 (with SIP support utilizing the G.711 codecs) will work in both the CLIENT and/or SERVER modes of SIP and this, once again, is another function which keeps Skip2PBX in a category completely by itself as an integrator of features which not only prove highly beneficial to today’s companies’ growing list of  VoIP demands, but also serve in maintaining Skip2PBX on very exclusive ground."

“We here at Skip2PBX” all know and realize how much this feature (SIP Support!) has been a highly anticipated and requested feature from our support team, and we are absolutely thrilled and proud to be able to provide it in advance of our own target date.

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