Skype 3.0 beta released

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Skype 3.0 beta released

Skype 3.0 beta was just released. If you recall, I reported back in October at ITEXPO that Skype 3.0 beta would launch in November and that the biggest new features in Skype 3.0 beta are its plugin support and the click-to-dial feature. Of course, the Skype v2.6 beta already had "click to call" added, so really the plugin support is the main new feature. Of course, as I also reported, it really isn't like Firefox plugins, it's simply a new tab that lets you pick the most popular Skype applications and it will initiate the installation process. I'll reiterate what I wrote back in October:

At first I thought, "Wow! Cool. Skype is following the Firefox plugin model, which enables end users to add their own cool little features." Plugins are one reason why Firefox is so popular - due to the developer community it helped to spawn and develop.

But with further investigation I learned that the plugins feature is simply a tab within the Skype 3.0 application that will list several popular Skype third-party add-ons. Then you can simply select the ones you want and it will be a 1-click installation using a standard MSI, .exe or whatever other installer works on your operating system. I suppose bringing the best plugins into a tab within Skype is a good idea. It will expose casual Skypers to some of the best third-party Skype applications.

In other words, Skype 3.0 beta? Ho hum, nothing to see here... Move along...

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