Skype 3.5 adds Call Transfer

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Skype 3.5 adds Call Transfer

SkypeI missed this bit of Skype news from a couple days ago that announced Skype had added Call Transfer functionality, which allows you to transfer a call to another Skype user OR to a PSTN number. At first glance, many of you may be thinking, "so what?"  Well, it is big news and I should have blogged about this earlier, but I was busy playing with Microsoft RoundTable, a 360-degree videoconferencing system. (Stay tuned for a full-fledged review on that.)

The big deal about call transfer is that now businesses can use Skype as a practical business phone solution. Operating your business's voice communications without call transfer, is like tying the proverbially hand behind your back. Several Skype third parties can now leverage Skype's new call transfer functionality. OnState Communications emailed me a couple days ago and announced their alliance with Seamless Development, a creator of business eServices, web portals, etc.

According to On-State, "The partnership will integrate OnState ACD for Skype 3.0, a certified Skype for Business Extra that delivers easy-to-use, low-cost call center solutions with Seamless Development’s comprehensive eService offerings -- spanning eBay-specific software, website design and programming, data management, IT and networking support."

So in other words using On-State, a business can setup a call center WITH ACD functionality and WITH Call Transfer functionality and with all the other typical Skype features (voicemail, IM, etc.). What else do you need to run your enterprise voice network? If any company is running a company with >10 employees and is exclusively using Skype, let me know and I'll profile your organization here on my blog.

Alec mentioned Iotum had been waiting for this call transfer feature for quite some time, but that the features comes a bit late as they have changed their development focus.

Now Skype just needs multiple-party conferencing to both Skype users and PSTN numbers and Skype can be a truly killer business voice app instead of mostly used as a "consumer" voice app.

You can get the Skype 3.5 beta here.

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