Skype 3GSM news including Skype Mobile on the HP hw6900

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Skype 3GSM news including Skype Mobile on the HP hw6900

Some Skype news from the first day of 3GSM in Barcelona that a Skype PR representative shared with me. First, HP is announcing that the new HP iPAQ hw6900 supports Skype Mobile for Pocket PC. The hw6900 looks just like the hw6515 that I drooled over, with a 240x240 TFT screen and integrated keyboard. The hw6900 is a bit heavier(6.33 oz vs. 5.8 oz) but it also sports a more powerful 416Mhz processor (the hw6515 has 312Mhz) which will certainly assist the Skype application, which can use all the processing horsepower it can get. The hw6900 also runs the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

Secondly, Skype announced a new retail program, with Dangaard Telecom in Europe, giving Skype Certified products the potential to reach shoppers across more than 34,000 European retailers, who will initially include Mediamarkt, Media-Saturn, Merlin, Dansk Supermarked and Surcouf. Lastly, SkypeIn is now available in Korea. Now I'm drooling over the hw6900. :D

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