Skype Integrates Deeper with Facebook

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Skype Integrates Deeper with Facebook


Skype today announced beta version 5.5 for Windows which adds more Facebook features to its already tight integration with Facebook. The new version lets Skype for Windows v5.5 users instant message their Facebook friends via Skype, making Skype a nice consolidated app for all your IM needs. You can also comment on friend's Facebook status updates. You also have the ability to use the Facebook News Feed within Skype to "like" a friend's status or comment on it without logging into Facebook.

A new tab called Facebook Contacts Tab within Skype is dedicated to your Facebook contacts list. The new version also sports a new call control toolbar with redesigned graphic icons, and improvements to the saving of a phone number in the "Call Phones" section. They also made visual improvements to placing a call on hold.

With the Microsoft deal to acquire Skype for $8 billion, if Microsoft integrates Skype with Microsoft Lync, the popular business-class IM, videoconferencing, unified communications client, Microsoft could really have a killer communications app. Wouldn't be surprised if that's on the to-do list.

It is a beta, so expect some bugs - but if you like having the latest and greatest, head here.

Via Skype's The Big Blog

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