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Skype Offline Latest Update

Last night I read on Skype's website the following: "Our engineering team has determined that it's a software issue. We expect this to be resolved within 12 to 24 hours." The glitch has affected every copy of the Skype software that had been downloaded since the service's started in 2003."

Really now? 4 years this bug has existed in every single copy of Skype and now it crops up? This is mighty fishy. Are you telling me the Skype network just magically stayed up and avoided hitting this bug?

According to dbTechno, "Kurt Sauer, the chief security officer of Skype, stated that “What happened today was caused by a unique set of events, the genesis of which is not entirely understood.” He also stated that the chance is that this could “go on beyond tomorrow.”

Not good.

Though some positive comments Friday morning from Skype on the Skype Heartbeat
"We’re on the road to recovery. Skype is stabilizing, but this process may continue throughout the day.

An encouraging number of users can now use Skype once again. We know we’re not out of the woods yet, but we are in better shape now than we were yesterday.

Finally, we’d like to dispel a couple of theories that we are still hearing. Neither Wednesday’s planned maintenance of our web-based payment services nor any form of attack was related to the current sign-on issues in any way."
Tin Foil hat - Hillary Clinton
Skype did perform some maintenance on August 15th, which in all likelihood caused the cascade failure. My next question is why was this planned maintenance so important and why couldn't it be rolled back?

Tin foil hatters are emailing me to tell me the CIA and FBI are working closely with Skype to add wiretapping capabilities to the Skype network for tracking terrorist conversations and to make Skype CALEA compliant. They claim that it was the FBI and CIA that brought down the Skype network with their specialized servers that sit on the Skype network and track/record VoIP conversations. But that's just conspiracy talk.

Next you tin foil hatters are going to tell me Area 51 is holding an alien spaceship or that Elvis is still alive. And don't get me started on the 9/11 truthers (conspiracy nuts) that think President Bush and our own U.S. government attacked the World Trade Center and imploded the buildings. Yeah, Bush is a master genius to pull off the greatest inside job in history yet stupid enough enough to not at least plant some WMDs in Iraq to get his critics off his back. Yeah, makes perfect sense to me.

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