Skype SMC WiFi phone and FON router bundle

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Skype SMC WiFi phone and FON router bundle

Joanna Stern, a staff writer over at LAPTOP, forwarded me a story she wrote on a Skype (SMC) WiFi phone and FON router bundle being offered by Skype, which is similar to the SMC/Skype bundle I recalled seeing on Skype's blog a few months ago - but the added addition of FON support. If you're not familiar with the FON router, it allows you to securely share your wireless signal with others that are part of FON's very large WiFi community to enjoy free WiFi wherever you find another FON router. This opens up a huge opportunity for SMC Skype phone users since the phone doesn't have a web browser to authenticate onto "fee-based" WiFi networks. Stephen Pinches on the Skype blog discusses this in detail today. Joanna from LAPTOP makes this bundle even more enticing when she tells me, "Even better we are giving away10 free bundles to our readers." The 10 free bundles include a SMC WiFi phone, FON router, 500 SkypeOut minutes and a year's worth of free Skype voicemail for $159. 

You'll have to fill out a brief survey to enter the drawing. You'll have to to answer "Just let us know the craziest place you want to setup Wi-Fi, and make Skype calls from." It's unclear if it's a random drawing or if LAPTOP will pick the survey winners based on the wackiest answers. So my Skype brothers and sisters, go fill out the survey with your wackiest WiFi locations :) And no lying/cheating!

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