Skype WiFi phones Outage

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Skype WiFi phones Outage

Skype OutageBREAKING! Something has happened with the Skype service that prevents all brands of WiFi and dual-mode (WiFi & PSTN) phones from signing into Skype. This problem seems to have started sometime on Saturday and continued until late Sunday (possibly as late at 1:15am Monday morning). As of today, most users have been able to sign-in but some are still experiencing issues. Models affected include the Netgear SPH200D, Linksys CIT400, Edge-core WM4201, SMC WSKP100, Philips 841, and other WiFi phones. Wow, first an outage with the Skype software and now a major outage with the Skype hardware. Not good. It's interesting that this outage only affected Skype WiFi phones and not the software client. You'd think they'd use the same authentication mechanism and protocol.

I'm investigating further and will keep you posted.

I ‘generalized’ my categorization of the outage to just WiFi Skype phones, forgetting the fact that there are standalone Skype devices that are not WiFi. It appears that standalone Skype phones like the Philips 841 (which I lumped in with the WiFi phones) were also affected over the weekend. Only the Skype software that runs on a PC/Mac/Linux were not affected.

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