Is DLP Going the Way of the Dodo?

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Is DLP Going the Way of the Dodo?

Everybody loves thin, especially in TVs, so it's really not a surprise that HP is apparently getting out of the DLP TV business.

BTW, does anyone out there know what DLP stands for?

(I'll make it easy -- see below.)

According to reports, these rear projection TVs will be going the way of the dodo into oblivion. And with HP making this move, don't be surprised to see others follow.

(All the more reason to get behind HD flat-panel displays ...)

Never really had a great affinity to the whole rear projection thing -- never seemed like the picture was that clear in the early days of this technology, but it does look pretty good now.

But too fat a box, alas ...

From the "I'll make it easy" file -- Digital Lighting Processing.

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