PS3 Making People Crazy: Part II

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PS3 Making People Crazy: Part II

Now we have former Senator John Edwards (no, not the "otherworldly" guy we see on TV) reportedly asking one of his staff members to see if he could get a hot, new PS3 from Wal-mart for his family.

Sound bad?

How about making it even worse that Edwards was criticizing the big W for unfairly treating its employees at the same time?

Seems to me that Sony could have handed out PS3s to every member of Congress (that's 500 or so) and theoretically reduced its lobby/legal presence in DC to $0 for at least a couple of months.

Add a couple more directed to key "influentials" (say state governors) and then those bills might have been reduced even further.

Meanwhile, I wonder what the Republicans have been doing ...

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