Wal-Mart Does the iTunes Shuffle

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Wal-Mart Does the iTunes Shuffle

Not too surprised, but happy to hear about the big boy of retailing, Wal-Mart, extend its reach into our homes by now offering video downloads of movies and TV shows through a partnership with all six of the major Hollywood studios (20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony and Universal) to sell digital movies and television shows on its Web site.

Here's the link to the site: www.walmart.com/videodownloads.

(For more on the announcement, click here and for more on "first to offer from all six studios" go here.)

Now I won't say that this has other similar sites, such as iTunes, quaking in their boots, but the Big W does sell a lot of videos in their stores so why wouldn't they assume that the Wal-Mart buyinig public -- once they have their broadbands in place -- won't get into streaming video like they get into streaming into the big box retailer for all of those low, low prices?

Course it's only a Beta site now -- and could use some work ...

On the other hand, that low pricing pressure -- if it extends to the Hollywood offerings -- can only mean a few more greenbacks in all of our pockets.

Now won't that be nice ...


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